FM2022 프로로스터 v1.0 Transfers & Data Update Packs by TheNotoriousPr0 + FMTU

FM 새게임을 시작하시기전에 반드시 적용해주세요~

베타이후에 감독들이 꽤나 많이 바뀌었기때문에 변경사항이 꽤 있습니다.

아스톤빌라 -제라드

뉴캐슬 에디하우
토트넘 콘테

바르샤 사비 등 

적용방법은 첨부된파일을 받아서 editor data에 넣고 새게임에 적용하면됩니다. Transfers & Data Update Packs by TheNotoriousPr0 + FMTU | FM ScoutThe best Football Manager transfer & data update all-around is back! Featuring 18.467 changes until t…FM Scout – TheNotoriousPr0


What’s included in a nutshell

  • Cyprus,
  • Greece,
  • New Staff,
  • Other Changes,
  • Agents,
  • Transfers,
New Staff
  • New staff created who doesn’t exist in the current database
Other Changes
  • Changes in general which include second nationalities, affiliations between teams, new stadiums, favourite personal etc
  • With specific attributes & clients adding more realism to the game
Unplayable Leagues/Other files
  • Playable Cypriot Leagues & Cups
  • Greek G Ethniki

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